Black ink tattoo: tibetan script and tibetan designs

Black tattoo ink in tibetan design are best in class tattoos and much requested by our clients.

black ink tattoo: tibetan spine tattooMost of our clients like having a spine tattoo or an armband tattoo designed in a Tibetan script that they would be the only ones to understand.  Wether men or women, they choose a Tibetan translation in order to keep the meaning confidential. They choose to whom the real signification of the ink shall be shared with.


Choose your tattooist carefully !

First of all, we do believe that clients should have a specific attention to the choice of their tattooist, as not all deliver the same quality result. Some would respect perfectly the Tibetan design and others would not, sometimes forgetting parts of the script ! However, we will always answer when you send us a picture of your tattoo to make sure it was correctly realized ;

if you found a free Tibetan tattoo or get it realized for a cheap price, we can also proofread it so that you be sure that there is no error into it.

Ideas in terms of tattoo shapes:

black ink tattoo: rounded tibetan tattoo

Black ink tattoo can be done in several forms in Tibetan script : vertical, horizontal and rounded tattoos. Furthermore that can be realized in several shapes to ink ideas coming from your own words or from quotes.

You can even get tattoo sleeve by mixing Tibetan calligraphy and Tibetan symbols or designs.


Get your English to Tibetan tattoo translation :

Access our tibetan script gallery to choose your design and order your english to tibetan translation