Master Choktsang (biography here) : he is a Tibetan artist and a professor of Tibetan language in the famous University of Oriental Languages in Paris (France). He is the one who produces each of our artworks – no one else ! He also translates and certifies the whole quality of the work.

Master Choktsang is a Tibetan doctor, graduated from Gansu University in Tibet.He also has a Master in Tibetan (Tibetan medecine specialization) from the famous Oriental Languages University in Paris (www.inalco.fr), where he’s been teaching Tibetan for the last 8 years!

The first and lest letters are grammatical marks for begining and endind a sentens. Like capital letter and the ending point.

We‘re delivering by 5 days after payment.

In Tibetan numbers are wrotten only in cursive script. Please find the link where you could have a look about the execution: Design tibetan numbers

You could get in the inner wrist most of the time 1 word in cursive script, could be 2 in traditional front.

All names are phoneticaly translated like in any foreing language. We pay a special attention to stick clsoer as possible to the original sound.

Please add your remark at special comment area at the payment step to describe what you wish to do to the artist

The typo “&” doesn’t exist in tibetan language, it comes from typewriter. You can replace the „&“-sign with „and“ or a „+“.

In tibetan language there is no symbol/ideogram like in chinese or japanese. There are letters and syllables like in English language.

Most of the time cursive script is a little bit longer than traditional script (+30%).