Tibetan Numbers

The current numbers shape were originally drawn by modeling the human form.
Often tibetan numbers are used for date’s tattoos, in fact that could be done only in cursive script in horizontal or vertical position.

The design of number 1 resembles the round form of the cranial top.
To trace number 2 , one had added a curve there representing the shoulder.
To form number 3 , one had drawn an eye on the shoulder.
Same manner, number 4  represented an ear and the 5 , a nose.
It is said that number 6  resembles the shape of the mouth.
As for number 7  , it had been traced by modeling the chin.
Number 8  corresponds to the neck and number 9 resembles, one says, the extremity of a penis.

The constitution of these artistic figures founded the arithmetic. Therefore it is from them that was built the numeral continuation: one, ten, hundred, thousand, ten thousand, a million, one billion, etc. which was ordered in addition to sixty sequences, which allowed the development of mathematics.

Then, the use of the arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) was spread. Thus were born the figures, bases current mathematics.