A Tibetan Artist : Lungtok Choktsang, Master in calligraphy

A Tibetan Artist : Lungtok Choktsang, Master in calligraphy

Lungtok Choktsang is a tibetan doctor who came to France several years ago after resuming his studies of traditional tibetan medical studies. He was also one of the founders of the traditional tibetan Shitsang Gompa hospital, on the high Amdo plate.

He is today largely engaged near tibetan people, in particular while utilizing his/her Tibetan doctors colleagues to lead the operations which he carries out near the Tibetan populations.

Lungtok Choktsang was born on April 14, 1966, at the Chokstangs’ home, in Mgonpo Thang medicinal valley, where the beautiful Luchu peacefully flows. His father’s name was Khasbtsun and his mother was called Lab Sgron. Since he was young, he went to school to study Tibetan and Chinese script, before entering Shistshang Dgonpa, Master Sde Ba Tshang’s great monastery. There he studied Buddhism as an overall doctrine, dialectic, astrology and calligraphy (printed and cursive letters).

Geshe Jamdbyangs Rgyamtso, Geshe Sangs rgyas and Gueshe Damtchö, among others, repeatedly gave him teachings about sciences like dialectic, as well as the traditional instructions concerning sutras and Secret Mantras. As Kyabgön Dewas Thrichen gently suggested that he should study Tibetan medicine, he entered the Tibetan Medical Institute in 1985, where he started historical studies about Tibetan traditional therapeutics under his dear master’s iron rule, the great erudite doctor Tenkho.

There Lungtok Choktsang assimilated the four fundamental medical tantras, and, even better, the instructions related to the way to behave as a good therapist. He spent 6 years diagnosing illnesses – their main and minor causes as well as their effects – by examining and analysing them. He refined the art of medicinal preparations made with plants, minerals or animals matters, and analyzed their composition, their taste and their properties. He especially went to mountains – including Shardungri – with the great teacher Bstankho to learn how to recognize medicinal plants. Plant-picking, medicines preparation, dosage ; he also learned how to treat the patients and which kind of diet or behavioural advice to give them.

Lungtok Choktsang was also engrossed in medical science, drawing his inspiration from fundamental books, including the minor of them ; he particularly studied and memorized traditional basic works. Following special traditional Tibetan instructions, he also studied mercury-based medicine preparation. It resulted in him understanding all aspects of medical science.

In order to honour the vow of using medical knowledge for people’s sake, Lungtok Choktsang managed to convince the erudite Thoru Tsénam to give him introduction to the Heart Essence of g.yuthog – transmission of knowledge and instructions –, as well as a good many secret precepts. Combining theory and practice, he didn’t forget traditional instructions, and among others, how to make precious pills.

When his medical studies came to an end, he had charge of maKing medicines in Shistshang Dgonpa. When he went to India in 1991, he got somewhat engrossed in studying Hindi and English. He obtained numerous instructions about Dzogchen of Khregs Chod and Thögal practices following “Trilogy of Natural Freedom” [rang grol skor gsum]. He devoted himself to promote Tibetan medicine while giving consultations and medicines to patients, and, moreover, teaching Tibetan calligraphy.