How to get your Tibetan design

Ready to get your Tibetan tattoo designed? Let’s go for it!  This is how to proceed:

      1. Choose the design that best fits with your need from our Tibetan calligraphy gallery. Enrich your ideas!
      2. Fill in the form related to the chosen pattern by copying and pasting the text of which you want a translation into Tibetan (proverb, name, words…). You can write your own sentence or choose from one of our suggestions.
      3. We will check that your chosen words fit well with the chosen pattern. Then we will give you the price for your art tattoo design, together with payment terms and conditions (Credit / Debit Card, Paypal or Iban payments are possible). We respond within 24 hours. The meaning in Tibetan language is also checked to make sure the translation will be meaningful.
      4. Your Tibetan artwork will be sent to you by email within 5 days. You will receive a high quality image, that will be thus adapted for printing into a very big, or a very small size, if necessary.

*Note : Payment by Paypal does not need to have a Paypal account but only a credit card. Price is given in Euros (€) but automatically converted by Paypal in your own currency.


– What happens if I do not find an example of the design I am looking for?
We will be very happy to work with you on a new pattern in order to design your words or sentences exactly the way you want.

– How many days after my payment will I receive my calligraphy?
We deliver the calligraphies within 5 days. Would you need an express delivery, please mention it in your email (less than 2 days delivery), an extra fee will be requested.