Live and Become

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About the text:
“Live and become” is a french movie from Radu Mihaileanu released in 2005 and that received a Cesar in 2006 for the best original scenario. Movie about the clash of cultures and the incredible story of a youg man whose destiny turned shattering.

What will this look like as a tattoo?
The sentence includes about 10 letters, it is then very adapted to any tattoo project (we can realize the calligraphy in various styles presented in our gallery).
The tattoo will be great on the spinal, from the neck on the upper part of the back or it can be centered. Il also stands for the internal side of the biceps or even on a shoulder due to its short length.

Artwork with limited diffusion:
Only a few number of copies of this calligraphy will be displayed – you are then insured to have a unique tattoo that is the result of an artistic approach and not the industrialisation of a design.