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Girls and tattoo art: the secrets of our customers

What is this story about girls and tattoos?

Being a girl and wanting to get a tattoo sometimes means standing out from the other half of the human population and aspiring to more different achievements.

No, I do not want to suffer to be beautiful. Leave that to these gentlemen who, whatever they might have said, have adopted well to this ritual! I do not necessarily want my tattoos covering my entire body, nor make a full sleeve.

Our religion : best translations in tibetan

At Tibetan-calligraphy.com, where we’ve been delivering calligraphy for tattoos for nearly 10 years. We noticed that a female tattoo often rhymes with “finesse”, “style”, and “discretion”. Also sometimes, we even noticed that some styles were only adopted by these people. No, no girl has ever asked us for a Mongolian type of seal which main characteristic is being square as a bar code.

What works best for ladies ? Handsome tattoos

Therefore, the cursive scripts are popular with girls. They are available in very small sizes on the wrist – like first names – or longer on the spine to translate a sentence. But, as there is no absolute truth in terms of tattoos, we saw dazzling women with printing scriptures, sometimes shifted to the right or left of the column and sometimes integrated into another drawing like in the following picture.

Well, frankly, a large print writing on one arm is rather reserved for Men. We have not really seen many examples of this on ladies.

That being said, what does it take to make a good (or beautiful) tattoo when you’re a woman or a girl?

Tattoo Ideas for Girls

First of all an idea – ah well, we can also say that we saw beautiful ideas that we have transcribed in Tibetan !
First names translated into Tibetan – of a lover or a husband, of children with a birth date. Proverbs – on happiness for example – quotes from movies, songs as well as resolutions – to never forget to take care of oneself or to mark an important event in one’s life.
You find Tibetan proverbs which you can support you if you still look for the perfect sentence to sign forever. Quotes on family or tattoos on freedom, geographic coordinates with latitude and longitude, the commitments that we take (from oneself essentially!)

Preparing your tattoo:

Finally, to be sure to have a quality tattoo, good preparation is necessary. To prepare your calligraphy project we recommend the following pages:

– A small detailed explanation on how to achieve your personal and unique tattoo in Tibetan
– The tattoo designs that we particularly recommend: horizontal cursive writing or print, vertical writing or print. With these you can imagine the final result of calligraphy that you can order from us,
– Our commitments to quality in order to ensure that what you will bring to life is what you seek with a fine translation and calligraphy done with the greatest care.

To say the truth, you need to find a good tattoo artist; and that’s up to you to do the work to make sure you trust the tattooist. The one who will forever put on your skin the result of all that we have previously said.

For that, we can help a little. Here we give you access to a quality tattoo artist list that made the dreams of our customers come true. You can trust them (But do think about it, times change, so do people 🙂

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