Happiness is only real when shared

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About the text:
A quote that reminds us that happiness only makes sense with our  intimates.
In 2007, Sean Penn produced the movie “Into the wild”, orignally a book of J. Krakaueur that narrates how Chris McCandless – young American – seeked for happiness in loneliness and rejection of modern society.
This sentence was found written in the diary of Chris McCandless; it reveals that Chris had understood his mistake just before dying.
This quote talks to most of us intensely !

What will this look like as a tattoo?
It takes place on your spinal in the thin or thicker way as you will be deciding how to use the image that you download in high definition. Can also be used around the wrist.

Artwork with limited diffusion:
Only a few number of copies of this calligraphy will be displayed – you are then insured to have a unique tattoo that is the result of an artistic approach and not the industrialisation of a design.