Tibetan Calligraphy

A tattoo artist that gives Tibetan tattoos

A map of tattooists: some of those who work with our designs

Inking a Tibetan tattoo is not common; so do not hesitate to consult the map of tattoo artists that we recommend and have already used our designs.

The list was compiled based on our customers, who have sent us a picture that reflects a good work. Please note these are only pictures, you should establish a relationship with your future tattoo artist! Your tattoo artist should inspire trust, even if they were recommended by someone you know.

Go check out their tattoo books where they expressed themselves freely and see if it suits you. A number of customers order their calligraphy from us and they get the tattoo later, only after their project has matured and they found THE tattooist that will enable them to take the step.

To go further, you can check the designs and pictures of the most appreciated by our customers’ calligraphy (for example a cursive vertical tattoo or horizontal tattoo or spiral tattoo)

Afficher Best tattooists – Meilleurs tatoueurs sur une carte plus grande

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2 Responses

  1. I would like to know if there are any Tatoo artists in the Minneapolis area that have worked with your designs and such. I am really interested in getting the Medicine Tatoo, I ran across it once and now I can’t find it. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. Hello Larry,

    We have no specific tattooist there but we have noticed that the ones that have the best reputation make an excellent work in general. So, I’d would recommend you to choose your tattoo artist independently from the choice of a tibetan calligraphy 🙂

    I hop this answered your question?

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