Our Commitments

Our Commitments: High-Quality Designs

At Tibetan-calligraphy.com, our calligraphy writing tattoos are entirely handmade by our Tibetan calligrapher master, Lungtok Choktsang, who uses traditional tools alongside modern techniques including brush style.

Tibetan calligraphy first appeared at the end of the 7th century and since then has evolved many times. Nowadays, it is composed of a variety of different script designs, appreciated especially by body artists.

Tibetan translation is a complex exercise. At Tibetan-calligraphy.com, thanks to Master Choktsang’s rare experience and talent, we offer a special service: Translation of your words and phrases from English to Tibetan and creation of related calligraphies, for your authentic and unique art tattoo designs. Our team is always to your disposal to give you further informations: loric@tibetan-calligraphy.com

Tibetan-calligraphy is the guarantee of reliable grammar and exact vocabulary, as well as cultural advice and guidance through your personal tattoo project. Each art piece is unique as made exclusively on demand.

Tibetan calligraphy is an Art that no computer can capture and standardize.

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